Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Off To A Good Start!

The holiday decorations are put away.  The tree is hauled out to the brush pile.  There is still some cleaning and shuffeling of items on the bookshelves to be done.  But all in all the house is back to it's pre-holiday norm.  Now we have to get ready for company later in the month as well as in February.  This is an excited propostion, as for the past few years, we have been the company not the hosts!

Our mountains. Although it is sunny, it is brrr cold!
It has been cold the past week.  We wrapped a few plants to keep them from freezing or at the least suffering damage. This involved putting Christmas lights on them, then wrapping sheets around, and in two cases, an additional covering of plastic.  One of the cactus has a wrapping of papertowels, then a plastic pitcher turned upside down on it, to protect the tip.  Garden Art?  Today it will all be put away, much like the holiday decorations.

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A Evening Visit to the Eiffel Tower

 Our Airbnb apartment was very close to the Eiffel Tower, so after dinner, we walked over to say Hello!