Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Les Pompiers de Montresor

Here they come, walking down the hill from their firehouse.  I took this picture with friend, JP, in mind!

Les Pompiers, the firemen, of Montresor came to watch le Tour de France in Montresor.  There were seven men and one woman.  Reminded me of the Smurfs, all the little blue guys and then the amazing Smurfette. So is a female firefighter called La Pompiette?  In my French, of course!

Getting all the latest gossip from the Gendarme.


gaylord dubois said...

cc les pompier de montresor c ludivine vous me conaisai peutaitre je chrche un stage est je voudrai savoir si vous prenai des stagier

gaylord dubois said...

pour les pompier de montresor je vous ador vous faite bien votre metier de pompier sa de mande des grande efor pour se metier ou pas

gaylord dubois said...

cc les pompier de montresor c ludivine dubois je voudrai sa voir si vous prenai des stagiaire dans les pompier aurevoire ja ten votre repomse

Mary and Bill said...

Gaylord Dubois, Thank you for reading my blog. I think, with my limited understanding of French, that you would like to use the picture of Ludivine? If this is what you are asking, yes, you may. Please give credit to Bill Willmon as the photographer. This was the first time we had seen a woman with the pompiers in France. We had a fun day in Montresor! Mary Willmon

gaylord dubois said...

oui sai moi ludivine je cherche un stage dans les pompier sai se stage que je veux bon ja ten votre repomse aurevoir

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