Thursday, July 11, 2013

Walking With the Dogs Around Ferrier-Larcon Part 2

If she is at the house when we start our walk, Mossie the Cat joins us.  She stays very close; sometimes in front, sometime following behind.  She has a little red bell on her collar that tinkles as she walks.  Mossie isn't  very social at the house.  We were warned to watch our fingers around her.  She has hissed a couple of time when I've gotten too close, but she loves to rub against my legs while I fix her dinner.  Go figure.
Caline and Mossie enjoying the view.
Mossie will stay with us unless we go two places:  turning onto Rue du Caves toward the village and out of town past a large German Shepard, even though he is confined to his yard.  On Rue du Caves, there are nearly always several work trucks in front of a house being renovated and farther on, a large black cat lives.  I don't know which of these, or if it is both of them, that Mossie doesn't like.  Either way, she doesn't come with us, but is waiting when we get home.  Now that I have figured this out, I will take a different route when she accompanies us.
Not sure what Mossie finds so interesting, but Harvey hasn't spotted it yet.
When we run into neighbors while walking, they all stop and talk to the dogs  Or comment that we are on a
"promenade avec petit cheins ".  Then add "Oh, la chat!"  invariable laughing.  I find it funny myself, walking a cat!
Three buddies walking down the road.

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