Sunday, June 30, 2013

Agnes Sorel

Considered to be the most beautiful woman in France, Agnes Sorel was the favorite mistress of King Charles VII.  She was very powerful during her 10 years at court, but died of a strange stomach malady at the age of 25.  In 2005, testing on her skeleton revealed she died of mercury poisoning.  It's hard to know if it was intentional poisoning by a jealous court member or from wearing too much makeup, which had a great deal of mercury in it.  The researchers also used current techniques to reconstruct her face.  It looks very much like all the paintings of her.  Agnes was painted in the fashion of the time, with one breast bare.

Angels guarding Agnes Sorel.

The lighting on the tomb is beautifully done.

After years of her tomb being kept in her namesake tower in the chateau, Agnes Sorel now rests in the collegiate church of Saint-Ours, as she had wished.

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