Friday, June 21, 2013

Bienvenue a Ferriere Larcon!

Our flight from Phoenix was uneventful, but warm, as the ventilation system wasn't working properly.  We arrived early into Heathrow, only to find our flight to Paris was delayed.  We had a good lunch, figuring it would be our only meal of the day; the breakfast served on the flight being inedible.  We wandered around the airport, looking in stores and windows, not buying anything.  At last our flight was announced.  The waiting area soon filled up, but no announcement as to loading.  An employee of British Airways told us the plane had landed, was being cleaned and refueled before we could load.  Another wait, then the same woman said there were still people "stuck on the plane" waiting for wheelchair assistance to disembark.  She looked very concerned; Bill and I laughed.  Finally, we were loaded and off.  Bill slept most of the way and I looked out the window.  The captain must have had his foot to the floor, because we arrived in a much shorted time than originally posted!

Landing went smoothly, our luggage arrived, the car was rented with little waiting and the atm worked!  After a false start because the GPS wasn't quite ready, we were on our way.  I had estimated we would leave the airport by 8 pm and it was closer to 9, not bad for a 2 hour flight delay.
Wind chargers were spaced beside the highway, with corn growing underneath.

21:46 and the sun is still shining.

The sun stays up much later this far north, so most of our drive on the toll road was in a bit of light.  By the time we paid up and took off on the smaller roads, it was dark, but we only had 25k to go.  BIB, our gps, took us right to the front gates of our new home.  I jumped out, opened them and Bill drove through.

While I located the bag of dog treats, Bill unlocked the doors.  The inside is a split door, so he carefully opened the top.  Looking in, he was immediately greeted by two barking, wiggle tailed dogs.  Opening the bottom, we both walked in, calling them by name.  Harvey is a Beagle and Caline is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, crossed with a Bassett Hound.  They took the treats and a rub, then ran out the door to go pee, as well as inspect the car.  The black and white cat, Fly, showed up almost immediately.  We unloaded the car, carried our suitcases upstairs, located an opened box of wine and two glasses.  Sante!

Our home for the next two months.  Our bedroom is the dormer on the far left.

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