Monday, May 13, 2013

Back in California

The drive from Tucson to Sacramento seems longer each time we do it.  Getting through LA isn't a problem, but when we hit I-5 headed north watch out!  The road is still just 4 lane, 2 either direction.  The cars have one speed limit, 65, while the trucks are going 55.  So, anytime a truck moves over to pass a slower moving truck, bam, every one is down to 55 or maybe 60.  California needs to  widen I-5 to at least 6 lanes, limiting trucks to the first 2 only.  Now I'm off my soapbox.

The house and garden here in Sacramento so incredibly comfortable.  Between late rains and other things to do, not all the vegies were planted, so we offered to do it after the owners left.  Due to unseasonable warm weather, the giant Catalpa tree was blooming a full month early.  Lots of pollen and flowers falling, then we had a huge thunderstorm with a hard driving rain for several hours.  The next morning, most of the blooms had fallen and all the pollen was washed away! 
These blooms are huge; about 8 inches in length.

Love this planting!

Sweeping up the fallen blooms.

Straw flowers blooming; I always thought they were dried, but they really just grow this way.

Looking over the garden toward the back of the house.

The grape arbor with the vegetable beds behind.


Jwillmon13 said...

What an awesome backyard! Looks like a wonderful set up for veggies.

Mary and Bill said...

The garden has wonderful vegies, we were a bit too early for most of them. We had lots of greens, though, for salads.

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