Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Perks of the Job

The folks here in Sacramento gave us a membership in their gym to use during our stay.  The building was originally a church.  Upstairs classrooms now house bicycles in various forms.  The main sanctuary is the weight room with other torture machines.  We have been faithfully using our yellow membership cards to make our bodies ache. 

We start in the bicycle room, riding some sort of stationary vehicle for 30 minutes; gets our blood flowing.  Then it's off to the sanctuary for weights.  Bill uses much heavier ones than me.  He has been going to the gym in Tucson since it's included in his Medi-care insurance.  Since I am sooo much younger, I do not have Medi-care to pay for a membership, so I walk instead of lift.

The machines are easy to use,  or at least figure out how to use.  I started on light weights, usually 15 pounds per arm, but am all the way up to 25 on most of them.  You may stop laughing now.......My left arm and shoulder, which I fell on last summer, are sore from the use, but I think it is getting better. Wish we could continue this all summer, but I don't think there is a gym in the village where we will be in France.  We will have to alternate our arms when lifting our glasses of wine.

On the days we don't go to the gym, Bill walks 6 to 9 miles around and around William Land Park.  I speed walk 3 to 5 miles in the same area, usually breaking my walk at 3 miles to pick up Toby for the rest of the time.  Toby seems to enjoy walking fast, if he is allowed to stop and smell every once in a while.  This exercise we will continue, just a change of location and dogs.

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