Wednesday, May 08, 2013


The floors in most of our house were covered in carpet which was originally white, but had deteriorated into a dirty beige.  No amount of cleaning made any difference, dirty beige it remained. The kitchen was different; a laminated plastic wood look which terrified the dogs because of the noise made when walking on it, plus it was slick!  The three of them avoided walking on it.
Our solution was to rip everything up until only bare concrete remained. As we emptied each room, I went through and painted all the walls, ceiling and trim; why put down new floor with old paint? Then we tiled it all in 16" Peacock slate.  Each tile weighed about 11 pounds.  We started in late October 2012 and worked until the end of March 2013, with breaks for Thanksgiving through New Years and occasionally for too wet and cold weather.  Cutting tile in the cold is absolutely no fun!
We haven't finished all the floors;  there is still the kitchen, because we want to change out the cabinets before going on, and a dressing area/bathroom which needs walls moved before the tile goes down.  Not too bad though, we laid over 2900 square feet of tile!

The tile, mortar and grout being delivered; 3400 sq. ft of tile.

Our bathroom with the new tile and a new dual flush tiolet.

Amy and Bill setting up the tile saw and mixer (which ended up not working!) so we could begin tiling.  We started on the east side of the house and worked to the west side.

Dining room with the floor finished and funiture back in.

Family room floor before the furniture and rug went back.

Our bedroom half way tiled.



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