Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Eden Project

The homeowners in Cornwall, Martin and Dy, left us loads of information on things to do and see.  The Eden  Project was a particular favorite of theirs.  Upon visiting, it became a favorite of ours, too.  After rain the evening before, we awoke to another glorious day, so off to St Austill, home of Eden.
This greenhouse was so humid, our camera lens fogged.  Bill took the picture anyway.

From the brochure:

A Recipe For Change

Take a steep-sided clay pit
Carve into a flat-bottomed bowl
    *83,000 tonnes of soil made from recycled waste
    *The plants we use everday (but don't often see)
    *Superb architecture
    *People from all walks of life
Sprinkle with positive attitude
Mix well
Open and serve to the public  (first course served  Spring 2001)
Looking down on the cafe with a large mobile hanging.

These giant dome greenhouses are home to plants from around the world.  Each is it's own ecosystem, the wet ones were dripping with moisture which sustained the plants from ceiling to floor, while the dry ones felt like out former home in Northern California, even growing the same Mediterrean plants from that climate.
Inside one of the greenhouse domes.
This giant bumble bee is a wonderful example of the art in the park.
The weather held for the entire day, so we were able to visit not only the domes, but walk through their beautiful gardens as well.  There are large pieces of art scattered through out; all appropriate to the project.

Doune Castle

Doune Castle was rebuilt by Robert Stewart, the Duke of Albany, a man who was the power behind the throne as Regent for James I of Scotland,...