Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Folks You Can Find on the Internet

Mary Anne and Charles ready to leave for the airport. 

Bill first met Mary Anne on Facebook through a mutual friend.  She seemed like an interesting person with an unique take on life, so why not become a friend?  The mutual friend died, but the friendship with Mary Anne continued. 

In one of life's little twists, they soon discovered that Mary Anne's husband, Charles, and Bill, are cousins, sharing the same ancester, one Isaiah Willmon.   Charles calls him Great Great Great Grandfather, while to Bill he is Great Great Grandfather.  To bring it closer in time, Bill's Grandfather and Charles' Great Mother are siblings.

This is the second time we have stayed in their home with Toby the Wonder Spaniel, while they are off on an adventure.  We will gladly stay here again, but first we are planning to get together at our home in the desert next spring.

I have long believed that friends are your chosen family; with Charles and Mary Anne, we have both!

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