Saturday, June 08, 2013

Stuck in Lodi Again

Lodi has really changed from the sleepy little farming town we knew many years ago, into a vibrant town with a wonderfully renovated downtown area.  The farmers used to grow wheat, now it's grapes for wine.  We visited several wineries with Anna and her in-laws, Kathy and Mike.  I do believe a fun time was had by all! 
At the second winery, we forgot to take a picture at the first, but we did remember to buy some of their wines.

By the third winery we were in a fun mood!  This is a tasting room for several wineries, set up in one of the renovated building downtown.  And, taste several wines, we did!

The last winery was Jessie's Grove where the owner, who is the great granddaughter of the founder, invited us to sit in the shade and listen to the story of her family's arrival in California. 

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