Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Bags Are Packed

After a cancelled flight due to the air controllers strike in France caused a 3 day delay, we are finally leaving on our next housesitting adventure. We are flying from Phoenix through London Heathrow, on to Paris Orly, where there will be a rental car to drive to Ferriere-Larcon in the Loire Valley.  Because of the flight changes, we will not be meeting the home owners as they will be in the air at the same time on their way to Dallas.  Maybe we can wave to each other as the planes pass in the sky.  Bon Jour!  Au Revoir!!

Bill's things are with the red suitcase, mine are with the grey.  Both suitcases are 22" carryon size, although we check them.
We really hope the two dogs will be friendly with the strangers arriving at their home very late in the evening.  Keep your fingers crossed that knowing their names and coming with treats will make friends with them!

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