Saturday, June 29, 2013

Loches, a Royal City

Courtyard of the Chateau de Loches

Loches is the nearest Big town to where we live.  We have visited here before, so knew where we wished to go; the Keep, built in the 11th century and the Royal Quarters from the French Renaissance.  We were able to park at the base of the ramparts and walk up the cobble street to an entrance gate in the walls.  There has been a lot of cleaning and restoration since we were in 2000 with Amy and John.

One of the chateau's more famous occupants was Agnes Sorel, considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in France during her life.  It also helped that she was the king's favorite mistress.

The Donjon, built in the 11th century, is considered the best preserved Keep in Europe. 

The two young women working at the front desk were very helpful.  We asked about a pass which would get us into several places; while they didn't have that, what they did have was a pass that would give us a year of admission to Loches chateau, as well as discounted admission to 7 other places.  All for only 4 euro more than the normal price.

Walls are an important part of any fortress.

When we looked over the wall from the top of the Donjon, we saw our car, way down below.

Canons were mounted on top of the Donjon.

To get to the top, we climbed many, many stairs.  Several were worn down in the middle from centuries of use.  Watch your step!

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