Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Hosts at Ferriere Larcon

We have four hosts while sitting at this house.  Two dogs, Caline and Harvey and two cats, Mossie and Fly, who want to be fed, loved and walked.

Caline and Fly

Harvey the Beagle.

We were here for two days before we met the yellow cat, Mossie.  We returned on the second evening from our walk with the dogs, and there she was, demanding to be fed.  The homeowners had warned us not to trust her.  Since she had been spayed, she was a real monster who would take your fingers off if touched.  We fixed her food, then she went off again.

The next morning as we were getting the dogs ready for their walk, up strolled Mossie.  Out the gates we went, she went over the fence.  Down the street we walked, she followed behind, her little bell dinging.  She walked with us the entire way.  If a car came, we stepped to the side of the road; Mossie would disappear into the bushes.  When we arrived back home, we came in through the gate, and Mossie went over the fence.  We have never had a cat go for a long walk with us; although it's the normal thing here as neighbors we saw greeted us, the dogs and Mossie. 

Mossie and Bill on the covered patio.

By that evening, Mossie had claimed Bill as her own.  He is able to give her rubs and she sleeps in his lap.  No missing fingers yet.

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EireTour said...

And a BIG thank you to Bill and Mary for coming to care for and love us while our master and mistress is away getting married!! From Caline, Harvey, Fly and Mossie

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