Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Sacramento Garden in Early June

Close up of a poppy bloom.

The lovely green on green Bells of Ireland.
Spectacular amarylis in the front courtyard.

Hydrangia, a summer bloomer that has a delicate feel.

The ball shaped bloom of an Allium.

The pot in the back has almost disappeared under the nasturtuims.

When we arrived in Sacramento a month ago, the garden still had a "spring"feel about it.  Maybe it was the rain that added to that feeling.  Now, though, the heat has shot up, the sun is shining and everything is growing like crazy.  The lettuces have bolted, so they have gone to the compost bin the city picks up each week.  The early blooming flowers have been deadheaded and, in some cases, completely cut back, to wait for next years call to bloom.

Summer fruit is set and growing like crazy; peaches and grapes to eat, if Toby can keep the squirrels at bay.  I've heard that squirrels like peaches almost as much as I do!

No matter if it is spring or summer, this garden is still beautiful.

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