Monday, June 10, 2013

Toby the Wonder Spaniel recommends Charity Miles

Toby and Mary on the patio in the garden.  He has the silkest hair on the very tiptop of his head.

Toby is the Wonder Spaniel, just ask anyone who knows him.  His breed is Springer Spaniel, with an added emphasis on the Spring part.  His favorite thing to do is chase the squirrels who run along the electric lines over the backyard, barking ferociously.  Since the last time we stayed with him, Toby has developed epilepsy, which requires him to be on fairly heavy doses of drugs.  These make him sleep a bit more and to be constantly hungry.  When he wants to eat, he will sit by you and put his left foot up and down, up and down, to get your attention.  He is very determined!

Toby and I walk at least 4 days a week, using my Iphone app for Charity Miles to earn money for the ASPCA, Toby's favorite organization.  You see, Toby thinks all animals should be as loved as he is!  If you walk, run or bike, have a smartphone and a sharing nature, check out Charity Miles. 

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