Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Peacocks of Chateau du Rivau

A Peacock of Chatuau du Rivau
The Gardens at Chateau du Rivau have a flock of peacocks.  They wander the grounds, greeting the visitors.  On occasion, they will stop and let you admire them, before continuing on their stroll.   There are a couple of them, who hearing a group of people talking, would head over to see what is going on.  They are curious and unafraid.

Coming closer to look in the mirror.

Can you see the beautiful creature in the mirror?
One piece of art in the garden is the Peacock Mirror.   Including the frame, the mirror is about 4' by 6', reflecting on both sides.  The peacocks love it.   There were 5 walking around it on the day of our visit.

Their tails are spectacular!
"I'm ready for my close up."

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