Wednesday, July 03, 2013

There Be Dragons in Chinon!

The last time we visited Chinon, it was a simple town with a beautiful castle built on the hill above the river.  But now!  The place has been invaded by dragons!
Peaking around the corner of the clock tower, this guy was peaking back.

Two heads are better than one.  One can be awake while the other sleeps, but the snoring was really loud.

Two on the ground and one of top of  the tower.

Three heads, all of them red! 

With dragons guarding the Castle, one would not need the canon.

There are new dragons hatching.
Each dragon has their own story of how they came to Chinon.  Most are from France or eastern Europe, but one came from England, via the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  If you see Hagrid, tell him Norbert is doing well.

When Norbert left Hagrid's care, he came to Chinon to learn to fly.
There has to be a chef in every group.

Close up of the chef.
The younger children seemed to be enjoying all the dragons; most of the adults, too.  We wondered if the management was catering to children to get more of the locals to come take a look, as it is a temporary exhibit, just for the summer.  Bill and I laughed that our children, although older at the time, enjoyed coming to Chinon for the history of the place.  They didn't need the added stimulus of dragons.

The Jabberwocky resides in this tower.  You can occasionally see  steam coming out the top.

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