Friday, July 12, 2013

Market Day in Loches

There is a market on Wednesday and Sunday mornings in Loche.  The vendors meander up and around most of the streets in the central shopping area, which has been pedestrianized; vehicles only allowed for deliveries.  We have been to the market several times, but Wednesday was the first time Bill took his camera out of the case.  I know, it's hard to believe.  He has been much too busy looking and smelling and tasting and buying, to even think about picture taking!

The fish monger.

To go food; paella, or roasted chickens, either whole or pieces, with vegies that have cooked in the drippings.  The smell is so good you drool!

Clothing in classic French stripes.

Melons and plums.

Scarves and purses for the well dressed woman.

Candy!  Candy!  Candy!

Soaps, body washes and parfums.

The crowd was speaking mainly French, but we also heard British English,  Dutch and German.

Brightly colored handbags and backpacks.

We were tempted by one of these beautiful bowls, but couldn't imagine hauling it around for the next three months without breaking the thing!

Table linens, my weakness.  No, I didn't buy any.

You can even get a wind charger for your home.

Old bicycles at a brochante stall.  I don't think these will be doing  much racing!

Bill purchased a small bag of tomatoes to enjoy with our cheeses.

We will be back to the market several more time during our stay, I'm sure.  There is one woman who sells the best tomatoes....

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