Thursday, July 25, 2013

Les Cles d'Euphonia

Laetitia Trouve is the conductor.  I enjoyed her conducting style.
Walking through the market at Loches, we came upon a small orchestra setting up to play.  This was a small performance intended to draw attention to their evening performance at Espace Agnes Sorel.  They were playing all weekend;  Friday in Ste-Maure-de-Touraine, Saturday in Loches and Sunday in Fondettes.  All of the performances were free, sponsored by several local governing agencies.

The musicians getting ready.

Time to tune to the oboe.  The oboe had several outstanding solos.

The program for the evening performances were:

Moussorgski     Une nuit sur le Mont Chauve
Chostakovitch   9th symphonie  en Mi benol opus 70
Grieg  Danses Norvegiennes  opus 35

We didn't make it back for the evening concert, but their noon time performance was extremely good.  It was also nice to see all the children bringing their parents over to listen as well.

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