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Lunch at La Promenade in Le Petit-Pressigny

The business card for Maison DALLAIS restaurant "La Promenade.
Celebrating an anniversary is always fun, but this year it was especially delicious.  Two villages away from Ferriere-Larcon, is Le Petit-Pressigny, which appears to be about the same size.  Driving though the village, the road makes a turn; at that corner is a Michelin One Star restaurant!  Thanks to Susan from Days on the Claise blog, for the recommendation.  We guess if you are a good enough chef, you can put your restaurant anywhere you want and be successful!
With our Kir Royales, we were served a small tray with amuse bouches, fun for the mouth.
We had to start with Kir Royales and a toast for our years together.  The waiter brought a small tray of amuse bouches, which come with any aperitif.  Two chinese soup spoons, which we promptly ate before remembering the camera, held one small tomato, steamed, cooled, then split in two.  Inside was an avocado mixture similar to guacamole. The tomato was put back together and olive oil drizzled over, pooling in the bottom of the spoon.  One bite and it was gone!  The two fans are actually potatoes standing in toasted seeds, which we were unable to identify.  The shot glasses had creme fraise mixed with salt, pepper and lemon, topped with finely chopped tomato, chives, and radish.

Our appetizer at the start of lunch.
 Time for Lunch!  Our appetizer came in an egg cup in a cute stand.  Inside was a buttery, creme custard, topped with nutmeg.  The surprise was in the bottom; a lettuce puree, whipped to be light and airy.  Heaven on the tongue.
Huitres speciales, compote d'artichaut, citron confit et comsomme de tomate.

Foir gras de carnard en gelle de madere et date de fruit ala, poire tapee.
The entre came next.  I had the oysters and Bill the foie gras de canard.  On mine, the little egg on top is lemon in a merangue sitting on a wafer of artichoke and tomato.  Underneath were large, raw oysters on a bed of tomato mixed with artichoke.  The foie gras was covered in a jelly made from Madera, the little dots are date sauce, and the puree to the side is pear.  Since we had ordered different items, of course we had to share a taste.  Both were delicious!

Geline de Touraine rote, jus de Roquette et royale de foir second.

 For our plat, we both had the local black feathered chicken, a Geline, roasted in a wonderful sauce, sweet and savory.  There is a piece of breast as well as a thigh, sitting on a bed of rocket, a local green, some of it juiced.   The small dish is whipped potatoes with so much butter, they literally melted in your mouth.  To drink, we had a local Touraine Sauvignon vintage 2008, recommended by the sommelier, Xavier.
Strawberries with sweetened basil puree stems, sitting on cheese cake with a cookie base.

Whipped cream with figs on a cookie base with a local speciality pastry on the outside.  The little dots are a delicious fig sauce.
Our desserts were ordered while enjoying our aperitif. Food this beautiful takes time to prepare!  The menu was separate, and I didn't think to take a picture to get the descriptions in French.    We had skipped the cheese course; we did want to be able to walk out of the place!  But said yes to coffee, which, this being France, is served with it's own tray of small tastes.
Left to right:  white chocolate cups with whipped creme and hazelnuts, sugar coated currents on the stem, madelines,  dark chocolate cups with sweet cherries nestled on a light chocolate pudding.
The Murano glass light fixtures say this a wonderful place for celebrations!
Arriving home, we took pictures to prove we could still stand.  Later in the evening we opened a bottle of sparkling Vouvray we had purchased on our wine tasting excursion.  It had been aged 7 years, then hand riddled to remove the sediment.  Sante!

Happy 44th Anniversary to Us!

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