Monday, July 29, 2013

A Secret Chateau

Chateau de Grillemont
We found a new friend and a secret chateau!  A call from Paula, a friend of our home owners, who wished to show us a special place.  We met in the parking lot at the Simply Market in Liguiel, then on to her house. What a lovely place!  Paula has lived in France for 4 years, didn't speak any French before coming here and now gets along very well!
Walking up to the chateau, the couple waiting on us are from The Netherlands.

 There are thousands of chateaux in France and most of them are privately owned.  Paula knew of such a chateau that is only opened two weeks a year.  The tour guide is a neighbor of hers, a delightful young woman, who is working of a degree in literature.

The lower level of the chateau.

Chateau de Grillemont is on a quiet country road, away from everything.  The owner, who is 93, still lives there, but in a small part of the building.  When we arrived, there was another couple already there, who were Dutch.  Turns out Paula speaks a bit of Dutch, so we all got along well.  Plus, the man had played basketball in the US!  He spoke English with an American accent and had played in Arizona, so he knew of the University of Arizona's basketball team
Bill took this picture of the music room before realizing that pictures were not allowed.
The chateau had only a few rooms opened, but they were beautifully furnished.  The best part was a library, hidden behind a wall.  It has very old books, handmade books, and newer books, all in beautiful shelving.  No pictures, though, as they weren't allowed.  We could have spent days in this room.

Paula and Mary walking around the chateau and talking.
It isn't often you come across such a grand place that still feels like a home.  We enjoyed our visit here and getting to know Paula as well.

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