Thursday, July 11, 2013

How we celebrated my birthday in France

This is my third birthday to be celebrated in France.  We started with an omelet for breakfast.  The melon wasn't ripe enough, even though it smelled good.  Oh well.  The Wednesday market was on in Loches, so off we went.

Wandering around in Loches is always a good thing, even if it was hot and humid.  We stopped by the SuperU for a few things, then checked out the NOZ store.  It's a remainder kinda place.  Things set out hodge podge, with not much organization as to type of merchandise, so you have to walk through the entire store.  We purchases a couple of bottles of spices,  one called TexSpice, the other a red pepper, then mixed them together at home to hopefully come up with a nice hot blend.

Bill made a yummy omelet with lardons and emmental, plus a melon and toast with either  cassis conserve or local meil, honey.
After walking around the market in Loches, we came home to a selection of cheeses and a bottle of Vouvray sparkling wine we purchased on Monday.
On our walk to dinner, we came across this lovely lady, a Citreon Traction Avant.
We had the entire cafe to ourselves.  The owner was fun to talk to.

We walked to dinner at the local cafe by the river.  The view out the back window was relaxing and there was a bit of a breeze blowing through to help cool us down.  The French say we are having a heat wave, it's been all the way up to 83 degrees!  We just call it summer.

Don't know what was so funny, or maybe just the wonderfulness of the food caused the happy face!

Dinner was very tasty.  We were the only ones in the cafe, so the owner would come out and talk a bit between serving courses.  All in all a delightful 62nd birthday!

Kir Royales to start our meal.

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