Friday, July 26, 2013

No Gallo-Roman Ruins Today

The plan for the day was to visit the Gallo-Roman ruins near Le Lude.  We were up early, dogs walked, all animals fed; including us.  The rain gear was stashed in the back, just in case.   We stopped in Descartes to fill up with diesel and check the tire pressure.  Smooth Sailing!

We were over half way there when: Thump, thump, thump!  What's that? Pull over now!  I thought it might be a flat tire, but the tires looked good.  Then I heard the thump, thump, thump from under the hood of the car.  Popped open the hood to discover a belt was starting to fray.  It had already hit the hose that connected to the water pump and dislodged it from the brackets, but no holes, yet.  Bill turned off the motor so I could put the hose back into the brackets.

On closer inspection,  it wasn't just any old belt, but the serpentine that controls everything!  Bill was able to use his French Traveling Pocket Knife to trim the frayed end, but had to leave about 1/2 inch hanging because he couldn't reach it.  We turned the car around and started the the most direct route home.  No more BiB and her scenic routes! About a third of the way home, it started thumping again.  Pull off the road, turn off the engine, pop the hood. This time, Bill was able to reach enough to cut the belt flush; no excess hanging about.  On the road again, this time all the way home.  A leisurely drive, but no particularly relaxing.

We sent an email to the owners to please call their mechanic to arrange repairs, then let us know.  This sort of expenditure is beyond our budget.  Because of the time difference between France and Texas, it was 4 pm before we heard back.  They had talked to their mechanic and a neighbor, who would come to show us where to take the car, as well as give Bill a ride back.  Thanks to David and Pauline for responding so quickly to the problem!  If all goes well, we should pick the car up Friday afternoon.  If it doesn't go well, we will be walking this weekend.  Oh well.  The brochant in La Celle-Guenana on Sunday is only 5.6k away.  Just a nice stroll!

The belt is suppose to cover all of the wheel.
The day wasn't entirely wasted.  I did get two loads of laundry done and Bill vacuumed upstairs, while I did the downstairs.

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