Sunday, November 03, 2013


BobCat is a calico, which means he is a genetic mutation, because he is a male. 
We never shared our home with cats while our children were growing up.  Bill had allergies, they both had allergies.  Friends had cats, so we were around them, just never in our home.  Then one day last spring, daughter Amy received an email from the Southern Arizona Humane Society with a picture of a Maine Coon cat who was available for adoption.  It was love at first sight.  She and hubby Dan went to visit and came home with BobCat.

BobCat loves to spend time looking out the many windows in our home. 
With three Great Danes in the house, BobCat was limited to one end of the house with a baby gate blocking the dogs out.  As time went on, first Loki, then Clyde left us, so Andre and BobCat became friends.  At least Andre thinks their friends, BobCat tolerates Andre;  and steals his bed.

He is a very big cat.  When standing up to look out the window in our Arizona room, his head is taller than the dining table.  If he were stretching, he could easily put his paws on the table top.
When we arrived home from France, BobCat seemed pleased to see us.  More people to keep his food dish from going empty, I'm sure. 

BobCat contemplating taking over the world.

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