Saturday, February 13, 2010

We're Going to Northern Ireland!

We applied for a house sit in Northern Ireland over a month ago. We renewed our application after they renewed their ad on I sent it twice, without hearing anything back. Then last Tuesday, when we had given up, an email arrived asking if we were still interested! We don't know the exact start date, late May to early June, as their current sitters are stuck in Washington DC in the tremendous snowstorms of the past 10 days. When they are finally able to make it to Derry and thaw out, we will find out the particulars for our arrival.

This house sit, for 5 1/2 months, will involve the care of two Irish Wolfhounds. Since we live with 3 Great Danes; Loki, Clyde and Andre, taking care of giant breed dogs will not be a problem, more of a joy!

We are looking forward to Ireland, which my sister described as the "greenest place on earth". It will also allow us to miss the heat of summer in the Sonoran Desert.

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