Friday, March 12, 2010

A Home of Our Own

What a busy month we have had! The house sale finally closed, amid much nail biting, and we have moved. It is glorious to finally have a home of our own. We have unpacked the boxes to find some surprises that we did not realize had survived, as well as finding a few things that should have been thrown away in New Orleans. I've been painting and hanging pictures. Bill has worked getting the garage and workshop organizied. We will soon start on enclosing the carport area so there is one big garage, where, hopefully, we can keep the critters out.

And there are lots of critters! So far we have seen cottontail rabbits, pack rats, a bobcat, coyotes, including one which was not very healthy, hawks, hundreds of birds, a couple of scorpions, and evidence of javelina, who ate the purple wandering jew, including the roots!

The views from the house are spectacular! The Rincons to the east, the Santa Catalinas to the north and the after the beautiful sunsets, followed by the Tucson city lights, to the west. Who ever built this house did a supurb job of siteing. It is on a rise which gives views over the top of the neighbors houses. Then they made the back, north side, of the house nearly all glass.

This will be a very good place to live. And since, after this move, I've decided I'm never moving again, that is a good thing!

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