Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Catherine's Americains, Part Duex

Have you ever felt like you were being watched, but couldn't quite put your finger on who or what? Most days during our stay in Tesse Froulay, we would grab the guide books and head out in the little Peugoet (50mpg!). There were only three ways to go when we reached the main road, so we traveled the same routes over and over. After a few weeks, especially when we were headed south into the Loire, we noticed folks looking up as we passed, then reaching in their pockets for a cell phone. Since we're not the paranoid types, we made up a tale for when we got home, or wrote a blog.

"Help us track Catherine's Americains!
Where will they go today?
When you see them, call us with the location, so we can plot their travels on our map!
Those Americains are certainly making the most of their visit and that little Peugeot (50mpg!)."

If you have ever watched French television you could easily imagine this going on.

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