Thursday, May 13, 2010

Looking For Misty and Stormy of Chincoteague

One of the more interesting places we visited while in Virginia was Chincoteague. Some of you may have read the Misty and Stormy of Chincateague books. I'd read the books, but never thought about it until our friends Mitch and Lillie came to visit. Guess where Lillie wanted to go? So we got out the map, plotted our route and away we went. Now if you ever want to go on an adventure to find some obscure place, item or even a stuffed horse, Mitch and Lillie are the folks to go with. They are tenacious, in a good way.

Chincoteague is on the little spit of land that is part of Virginia, but on the other side of the Chesapeake Bay. It is famous for it's ponies, whose ancestors escaped from a Spanish shipwreck many, many years ago. Every year, the ponies are rounded up, and made to swim across a small inlet, then the excess are sold. The rest are returned to the wild until the next year. Lillie had thought she might be interesting in buying one, until she found our how many thousands of dollars they sell for.

Arriving in the town, Misty and Stormy were everywhere. Books, movies, stuffed toys, jewelry, but we weren't looking for the imitations, we wanted the real thing! We were finally directed to a small house that had a sign, Museum. Mitch got out of the car to see if it was the real thing before we paid our entrance fees. He came back with a grin on his face!

The house was where the owners of Misty and Stormy had lived. The current owners had turned it into a museum and gift shop, complete with the stuffed Misty and Stormy. In the lot out back, was Misty's great, great grand son, still alive and unstuffed.

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