Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cornwall in September

A year ago, we had a house sit in Launceston, Cornwall. It looks like you would pronounce it Lawn-ces-ton or something similar, but this is Cornwall, it's Laan-son. Is this where the southern accent came from? We found the sit through housecarers where most of our jobs come from. It was a fluke. Martin, the homeowner, had posted his ad, then removed it. It showed up again, so I replied. His response was that the position was filled, and he had hit the wrong button. Then, a few weeks later, he sent an email asking if we were still interested, as the original person had backed out. After a quick check for flights, to see if we could afford the tickets, we agreed to come.

Martin and Dy are the type of folks you feel immediately at home with. They both have big smiles, warm personalities and welcoming hugs. They met us at the bus station in Exeter where we arrived after taking the National Express from Heathrow Airport. Fortunately, Martin had sent us pictures so we could recognise them, even through out bleary, sleep deprived eyes!

Before we agree to a house sit, we see pictures of the place we will be, the pets and the homeowners. Martin sent us pictures of his 65th birthday party. We even knew what their friends and family looked like!

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