Friday, October 22, 2010

Not just a House, a Home

Have you ever walked into a place and immediately felt at home? This was the house in Launceston. The house was originally a duplex for two mining families. It was then combines into one house.  In the 60's the current owners added another two storey wing to one end. More bedrooms plus work space for the lady of the house, who is an avid quilter. The house has many levels, low ceilings and a two huge fireplaces., but only one of them is working. The kitchen is cosy with a breakfast nook. There are roosters everywhere; on plates, dishes, pictures, holding the doors open. I love this place!

The hall that goes between the dinigroom and the storage room runs behind the kitchen. A former window still opens into the kitchen from the hall. Makes it very easy to request something special from the pantry and wine cellar! Also in this hall is an ancient Grandfather clock which has been in Dy's family for several generations. She turns it off, so we won't have the responsibility of not breaking it.

Our room is spacious, with a double bed, wardrobe(being England there are not closets) windows on two walls, and an ensuite bath with a wonderful instant hot water shower. The hall just outside our room has a large table full of books just waiting to be read.  How can we not enjoy this place?!

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