Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Getting To Know Our Way Around And Around

Our first full day at the house was spent getting aquainted with our new "jobs".  After a wonderful walk around the hamlet of Truscott and out into the countryside, led by Molly the Collie, Dy sorted out how to feed the animals and the caretaking of the chickens.  Being a Vets wife, the chicken house was kept immaculate, including cleaning the roosts every day with Detol.  No pests or diseases on these hens!

Martin then drove us to the town of Launceston.  The road we took was a one car wide lane with occasional pull outs at gates, in case we met a car coming the other direction.  I never got used to driving on this type of road, some of which were actual numbered roads, on the map!  Part of our duties include delivering eggs one day a week to the surgery where Martin worked before retiring.  As we visited each place of interest; the groceries, surgery, car garage, butcher and the bakery which makes the best Cornish Pasties, Bill carefully put them into BiB, our GPS.  Thank Goodness!

Launceston is an old town built around a Castle.  Around being the operative word.  All the roads into and through town go around and around the hill the Castle is built on.  Some of the roads are now one way, either going up or down.  This is one of the few places in my entire life that I always felt turned around.

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