Friday, November 12, 2010

A Day Out With Molly

Lovely Miss Molly

We're off to Chrysanter Village with Molly as our guide.  To get there, we drive on progressively smaller roads, until finally, we are on a hedgerow.  At least the car park is easier find!  The village is across the lane, through a large wood gate, then a quarter mile up the hill.  We pay our fee to a nice man in a small shop, who immediately take a fancy to Molly.

Molly has a wonderful time smelling every small animal trail, and trust me, she finds them all.  There must be a lot of critters who live here now, running all over the place at night.

As we are walking back to the car, we pass an elderly man with a couple maybe 10 years younger than us. They are on holiday from Wales.  The woman has a sister who lives in Miami who wants them to come visit.  She is afraid of flying, so I suggest she have a couple of drinks, get on the plane and sleep all the way to Miami.  She thought that might work.  Her husband mentioned that the only thing he wanted to see was The Alamo!  But the sister in Miami said there wasn't anything left of it, but a plaque.  We assured him The Alamo was still there for all to see, but that it was in Texas, which is 2000 miles from Miami!  The wife laughed and laughed!  "I told him the US was BIG!"

On to Penzance via the narrow roads.  Penzance is on the English Channel; how else could Pirates sail here?  This is a town which takes it's pirate heritage seriously, or at least economically.  There are pirate flags, pirate hats, pirate scarves, pirate swords, even the Penzance Sailing Club's birgee is a skull and crossbones!  We love it!

Walking around Penzance is fun.  There is so much to see, from a small harbor full of sailboats to huge ships having their hulls cleaned at dry dock. We have lunch at a place on the wharf.  Fresh caught fish with chips, which we eat at an outside table.  Molly curls up under our feet.  She isn't a beggar, but I share some of my chips with her.

Great place for lunch!

Penzance brings home the reality that this is a warmer area thanks to the Gulf Current.  Beautiful semi tropical trees and plants, everywhere!

Are we really on the banks of the English Channel?

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