Friday, November 05, 2010

Deisel or Unleaded?

Our Peugeot station wagon.  Molly rides in the back.
Up early to deliver eggs, then to Tesco to buy groceries and fill the car.  Molly goes with us.  While Bill fills the tank, I'm inside waiting to pay.  Our credit card doesn't work at the pump because we don't have a "chip" like the European cards.  It has to be run by hand at the cash register.  Bill finishes, then come running in all upset.  "I put in unleaded instead of diesel!"
The two women are very helpful.  Bill uses the BiB to find the name of the garage that Martin took us by, Race Hill.  A quick call to them and they will be over to tow the car, drain the tank, and put something in it with the new diesel to make sure it doesn't run the engine.  They also call a taxi to take us home, as it will be several hours before the car is ready.

When Kernow Kabs arrives, we load our groceries in the trunk, then climb in with Molly.  It is wonderful how no one looks twice at us traveling with a dog!  The driver knows exactly where we are going, as he knows Martin and Dy.  Seems his grandparents used to own the big house just down the lane.   The driver used to farm across the highway from Truscott, but with all the new rules and regulations since the last outbreaks of hoof and mouth disease and mad cow, he decided it would be more profitable to be a taxi driver.  He gives us his card, so we can call for a ride back into town.

By 4:30 we are back at the garage.  The owner is laughing when we walk up.  He asks which of us did it, and when I point to Bill, he laughs even harder. Apparently this happens all the time, even with the locals, not just the tourists.  The bill for towing, draining the tank and lines, 1/2 tank of diesel and diesel cleaning stuff is 113 pounds.  He asks if we want to charge it to Martin.  Of course we paid it ourselves.

Back to Tesco to fill the tank, AGAIN, this time with diesel.  What with filling the tank with unleaded, then refilling half a tank with diesel, and the garage charges, the total was over $300!  An expensive lesson.

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