Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Learning From Our Experiences

One thing we have decided after our time in Cornwall; three weeks is not long enough to house sit in such a locale.  Our main priorities are the animals, then the house.  Take the time out for them, keeping our laundry done, cooking, time out for rainy weather, the slow travel time due to the narrow roads, and, well, three weeks wasn't long enough. 

I can hear you thinking, laundry?  When we travel, no matter how long we will be gone, we pack a carry on size suitcase, each.  Several times in European countries, we have found clothing must be line dried, as there is no dryer.  I think it has to do with the cost of electricity.  Also, washers take longer to do a load than in the US.  I don't know why, it's just the way of things. So laundry is not something you can start after dinner and have it ready for the next day.
The laundry room in Truscott.  It was the entry room, coat room, cat feeding room, and a place to hang the laundry to dry if it was too wet outside.  There was a hanging rack to left that could come down from the ceiling, then be raised back up.

The inside animals are a fun bunch.  Mr Pepper, is an elderly cat, pepper black, but in the process of loosing one coat as he grows in his winter.  Instead of being black he's kinda red.  He walks with a regal aire.  No wondering who is Top Cat in this house!

Mr Pepper showing both his black and red.

Sootie and Bella are the youngsters.  Just over a year old and still extremely playful and curious.  Sootie lounges on the back of chairs or the sofa in the living room.  Only opens one eye to make sure it is us.  Bella is a zoomer!  To the top of the chair!  To the top of the table!  Up the stairs!  Down the stairs!  Zoom!  After a few days, we figure out that Sootie is a hunter.  She hears a noise by the dining room fireplace.  When I move a coal bucket out scoots a mouse, then POUNCE!  No more mouse and Sootie is headed out the cat flap with a full mouth.  We also find body parts left around the house in the mornings. Thanks Sootie!



We have never had cats as pets.  Bill and the kids were always allergic, especially to kittens.  But we had cat neighbors most places we lived.  It is nice to be able to get to know cats, even if for a short while.  They do take time, but the return is good!

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