Monday, April 25, 2011

House Sit Found!

After what seemed like endless searching, we finally have not one, but two house sits!  The ads were posted on the same day, along with a third one, so I applied for all three.  Quickly heard back from two, each party liked what we saw, and VIOLA!  house sits!

The first one is in Carrieres-Sur-Seine, France, with a cat named Dasha.  This is on the outskirts of Paris, so we will be taking the train into the city to play tourist.  We have already booked our tickets to fly into Paris, using our American AAdvantage Miles.  Total cost for the two of us:  $10!  

The second house is in Shropshire, England, where we will be staying with Ziggy Stardust, a Cob Pony, and her friends.  Ziggy has quite a lot of friends, so it will be a busy stay.  For this sit, we will be renting a car, as the home owners are taking theirs on holiday with them. 

There is a bit of time between these two, where we could fit in a sit, if we find one, or go ahead and ride the ferry to Dover, then tour around eastern England and the Midlands before arriving in Clun.  We will continue looking for another house to care for during September into October, as we can't book our flight home until after October 15, when the rates go down.

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