Monday, May 16, 2011

California Here We Come

Time to put the finishing touches on our projects; followed by cleaning, laundry and packing.  It's off to California on Wednesday until the end of June.   We have a house sit in Sacramento for distant relatives we met through Facebook!  They are going to Greece while we take care of their Springer Spaniel, Toby.  I'm sure a good time will be had by all, just in different ways.

This should be a fun house sit, as we used to live in Sacramento many years ago.  Our daughter was born there, but we left before she turned two.  A lot has changed in the intervening years.  There's a renovated Crocker Art Gallery to visit.  The foothills to the west of town now have wineries.  And I'm sure the traffic has not improved a bit!

Packing will not be the same as for our overseas trips. We are driving our car, which means I can take extra shoes for gardening, heels for going out to dinner, an extra pair of sandals.  When we fly, we only take one carry on size suitcase each, a bookbag backpack for meds and electronics and I carry the laptop case. No extra room for spare shoes!

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