Monday, May 09, 2011

Found Another House Sit!

We have found another house sit that fits inbetween the one in France and the one in Shropshire.  It's in the Cotswolds of England.  The house is called Little Pickwick.  A house with a name, now how cool is that?  We will be taking care of a border collie, who looks alot like Mollie in Cornwall.  Plus, two cats and their garden.  The pictures look wonderful. 

Another first; we will be flying into Luton, England on EasyJet, a cheap airline, that actually advertises themselves that way.  Even with paying for our two suitcases, and the addition for paying by credit card, and paying in pounds sterling, it came to $211 for both of us.  Much cheaper, and faster, than the train to the ferry and the ferry to England.

I still need to book a rental car for our time in England, as neither homeowner has a spare for us to use, but will wait and do that closer to the time.  We are looking another house sit for September and October.  We would like to be farther south, back on the Continent, say, south of France, Spain, or Italy.  Some place where fall will be a little longer in coming, since there is not much room for cold weather clothing in our carryon size suitcases.  

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