Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Warren House Inn


The most scenic route from Launceston to Buckland Abbey is across Dartmoor.  Driving across the moors brings to mind  "Hound of the Baskervilles" or "Wurthering Heights".  The moors are wild and very isolated feeling.  Almost right in the middle, when you feel it will go on forever, sits Warren House Inn.  It is a welcome respite for weary hikers, bikers, and car drivers, like ourselves.
Warren House Inn

The Inn has provided food, drink and lodging, at a reasonable cost since at least 1786, when the first landlord on record was William Tapper.  I'm not sure it still has lodging, but the food and drink are excellent.

The name comes from the rabbit warren which allows the Inn to serve it's rabbit-pie with scrumpy.  Bill had this for lunch.  It came with a warning to be aware of small bones and buck shot.  The selection of beers on tap were good, too.
Mary with a pint of Otter.
We always try to drink the local brews.
Bill with his Otter.

The fire in the hearth, so they say, has never been allowed to go out.  We can understand why, since it provided a most welcomed warmth while visiting Dartmoor.

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