Thursday, May 08, 2014

Gila Monsters!

This has been a busy spring for our neighbors here in Tucson.  We have had five rattlesnakes, who have all been relocated to non-residential areas. A King Snake, who is still around somewhere, hopefully eating our packrats, was spotted in the back yard.   Then there is a Coachwhip snake, who loves to hang out on the porch by the east office, where he's been seen twice.  He eats rattlers, so we hope he stays around to scare them off.

My favorite neighbors are the Gila Monsters.  They are really not monsters, just one of the jeweled lizards.  They are venomous, but not aggressive, but they growl/hiss.  Andre the Great Dane avoids them; wise fellow.  For more information visit

Sandstorm?  I don't worry about a sandstorm!  It does make the colors odd on the pictures though.  This fellow was exploring the back yard.  We try to keep them out, because of the dog.  Looks like we have some work to do.

Looked out my office window as he was walking by, so I followed him to the end of the house, where he tried to hide behind the hose pot.

The smallest one we have seen this year, he was walking up the front sidewalk.  When he saw me, he moved to the large agave and nestled in the leaves.  His coloring was very vibrant.

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