Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cow Crossing in Cornwall

The light isn't flashing, but if it were, look out for the cows.
This is what happens when a farm has a 4 lane divided highway built that divides it in two.  The house and barn are on one side and the cow's grazing field is inbetween the two sections of highway.  When the farmer needs to move his cows to the field in the mornings, he stops all traffic and the cows saunter across the highway.  In the evenings, they sauter back to their barn.  Easy Peasy!  I can not imagine anywhere else, but Cornwall, where the cows would have their own flashing light road crossing.  Somehow, it just seems the way things should be.
Cows Crossing on the main highway to Truro.  A very busy throroughfare indeed.

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