Sunday, June 28, 2015

And They're Off!

Our homeowners, Rae and Marty, with Bill's shadow, to show how brightly the sun was shining.
Up early for Rae and Marty to catch the taxi to the airport.  They are flying to Illinois for the start to their five week vacation.  The sun was shining brightly; perfect weather for flying. They laughed that as soon as they were leaving, the sun would start shining.  No worries, it's suppose to rain tomorrow!

Rae is American, but has worked for the past 20 years out of country, first in the Middle East and now in Scotland.  Marty is 100% Scot!  He speaks Doric, the local dialect, as well as Posh, as he calls English.  They are a delightful couple.

One of the big negatives of house sitting?  We meet a couple who we really hit it off with, then they leave on vacation.  When they return, we leave.  Thank goodness for Facebook and email, so we can continue our friendship!

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