Monday, June 08, 2015

Declutter Your House to Unclutter Your Life.

One thing I have learned from house sitting so very many different houses, in different cultures, is the importance of lightness.  We travel with one carryon size suitcase and a small backpack, each.  Most everyone could learn from this.

How much extra baggage do we have in our homes?  Books we will never read again or even for the first time?  Multiples of pans, chairs, things that take up space and require cleaning over or around? Decorative accessories  stored in drawers and closets which we will never display again?  Things we do not use or even need which might go to someone who needs them? Or at least clutter their lives instead of ours!

After we cleaned up the mess from Hurricane Katrina, we still had things left, some of which we had no use for.  Over the past few years, we have sold, given away and thrown away most of it.   There are boxes of papers that have reached there time to shred date, a yearly event.

My goal is simply this:
to get our stored items down to the bare minimum,
to get our saved treasures down to things which really are treasures,
to get our multiples of items, be it dishes, pans, books, linens, clothing, or little doodads passed on to others who need them.  

Declutter your house to unclutter your life.  That's my new motto.

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