Saturday, September 18, 2010

You'd Never Know Until You Go!

The Red Hand of Ulster Flag in the rain at Carrickfergus Castle.

There is rain most everyday, sometime during the 24 hours.

There is a wide assortment of flies.

 They will park anywhere they wish, even in the middle of the highway, by a bridge, so they can fish.  You should calmly drive around them.

 People will show up at the house at 10pm without calling first.  Sometimes, you don't even know them, but they heard from a friend you had something for sale.

 There is regular time and then there is Irish time. 

  Five of the 6 sides offered in a restaurant are potatos.

  Chips (french fries) are served with everything, even spaghetti.

  With all those assorted fried potatos, ketchup is only offered in tiny little packets.

  Any old stone building with at least one wall standing is a castle.

  70 degree days are "blistering hot"!

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