Monday, September 06, 2010

Home Again

We arrived back in Tucson from our Ireland trip.  We probably have seen more of Northern Ireland than many of the locals.  Most of our touring was done in a Ford Transit work van, not the most comfortable, but it got us there!  Plus, we could always find it in the parking lot.

The situation in Kilrea was becoming less tolerable daily.  The business was insolvent.  Bankruptcy was looming.  Creditors were calling.  Time for us to go.   We met many wonderful people, some who have become friends.  The Irish Wolfhounds were sweethearts.  But, it wasn't a house sit, as the owners never left.  We attempted to find another position, but in the end, we came home.

This has not put us off  housesitting, however.  We have experienced too many positives while taking care other people's homes to let one semi-negative experience change our outlook.  I visit the housecarers website daily for the next great job!

Over the next few posts, the Ireland visit will continue.

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