Monday, August 30, 2010

Castles in the Air

Belfast Castle with wedding reception in the garden.

Coat of Arms of the original owners. 

As long as a cat is in residence at the Castle, all visitors will have good luck!
Belfast Castle is on Cave Hill overlooking the city.  It is now a special events venue, owned by the city, with a restaurant and antique shop.  There was a wedding reception the day we visited.  The castle is surrounded by a beautiful city park.

Castle Trim is in the town of Trim, in the South.  It is the best preserved Norman castle in Ireland. Several scenes in Braveheart were filmed here.   Remember the prince's boyfriend being thrown out of the window?  That's Castle Trim.

We passed by Castle Slane, twice, during our visit in the South.  It is still privately owned, with the owners in residence.

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