Saturday, August 28, 2010

Antrim Tower

Antrim Tower in the city park.
We have passed near to Antrim tower many times, but we finally made a special trip to find it.  The tower was originally part of a church, long gone.  Now it sits in a lovely city park.  Towers were built as safe houses.  The door was 20+ feet off the ground.  When the Vikings, or some other pests, were coming, all the treasures of the church, plus the locals, food and water were put in the tower and the ladder pulled up inside.  Nothing to burn, nothing to climb, nothing to see.  Move on.

Next to the tower is the Witch's Stone.  Seems a witch was very upset that the tower was being built so she flung herself off in protest.  She landed on a rock, leaving the impression of her elbow.  The depression in the rock always has water in it, even during severe droughts.  I love stories like this!
The Witche's Stone
Yes, it had water in it.
The Coat of Arms for the City of Antrim, dancing deer with swords in their mouths.

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