Monday, August 02, 2010

An Irish Garage Sale

In Ireland there aren't garage sales.  They have boot sales, where they load their goods into the boot of the car and drive to a sale area to set up with others, selling out of the boot (trunk).  It is similar to a flea market sale in the US where you can rent a table.  Maria has too much stuff to try and sell it one boot at a time, so we talked her into trying a garage sale.  It was a hit!

There were a few questions though:
Is this going to be a shop with regular hours?  No, just 3 days.  We will do it again in August and September, though.
Do you get breaks?  yes
How much are you  paid?  just helping out
Will you close down for lunch and tea?  no

Some folks came all three days and left their emails so we can let them know when the next one is.  Others have come back during the week to buy some of the larger, construction related items, as well as beautiful Irish art work from the house.  Yep, I think she'll be able to leave in November.

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