Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great Danes and Giant Crosses

The Older Dane wasn't sure he should bark or come close for a rub.  Notice the younger one running to see us.
The younger Great Dane making sure we kept moving.

Looking for Mainistir Bhuithe, a cemetery with several giant crosses, we came across two Great Danes.  They were very interested in us, but still didn't want us stopping at their house.  If we had thought to bring some treats, it might have been a different matter entirely.

The remains of a tower behind the cross.  The tower was used to protect valuables when the Vikings were on the rampage.
Through out Ireland there are giant crosses, built in the early Christian era.  They are carved with stories from the Bible, to help educate the heathens.  Many are attributed to St. Patrick, but only 1 or 2 were built during his lifetime.  They are still impressive to see, even if the carvings are rather primitive.

Picture carvings on the cross.
Decorative carving on the side of one cross.

Thisis Muiredach's cross  named for an Abbot who died in 923.  It is 22 feet tall.
Each cross had different stories, but they all had the crucifixion carved on the cross arms.

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