Thursday, September 09, 2010


Carroll's is THE place to buy all things Irish.  The inside has more shades of green than a crayon box!
We arrived in Dublin Saturday afternoon.  Weather is beautiful, with sunny intervals.  The guest house we picked on the internet is just fine.  Our room is big enough for all the luggage and has 14 foot ceilings with a 12 foot window.  We have acquired another smaller carryon suitcase, planning to check the completely stuffed tote bag, even though it will cost $50.  Still cheaper than mailing boxes back to Tucson.

You just never know where  you will find sand sculptures.  These were in the courtyard of Dublin Castle.

Dublin is a vibrant city.  Good pubs, good music, friendly people!  Haven't heard this much Polish being spoken since we left Krakow!  The Poles are the working poor in Ireland.  As with most recent immigrants into any country, a lot of the problems are unjustly blamed on them.
The guys playing at O'Neill's Pub.  Their cd came with a money back guarantee, so we bought it.  I told them they would have to deliver my refund to Arizona if I didn't like it.  Then we got into a conversation of "would their music be accepted in Tucson."  Oh, Yes!

We are doing our usual walk everywhere tour.  The more we walk, the more Guinness we can drink.  That's our motto.
We could have taken the bus, but that would have meant less Guinness!

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